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Written translation

Anyone can speak Troll. All you have to do is point and grunt.

J.K. Rowling

We have been at our clients’ service for more than 20 years, granting them quality, efficiency and reliability of a translation agency.

Aiming for excellence in the professionalism of our translators in Hebrew, Spanish, English and French is our evidence of seriousness of our agency and reflects the know-how of our collaborators.
We are here to answer any question in relation with your documents to translate, to proofread, to legalize or to forward, in the broad range of fields we cover.


Website translation

Traduction-de-site-internet-multilingue-hébreu-espagnol-anglais-francaisWe can provide you with all your requirements by conveying your messages’, quality and environmental culture and spirit such as those you wish to communicate to the website visitors.

It is unlikely that your website translation needs will be adequately summarized with just a literal translation of the content.
The website is a reflection of your company and it should project your image accurately. This is why you can give us your website translation and localization with absolute confidence. Our translators take the necessary time to assess your needs and requirements.

Translation of legal documents

We specialize in the translation of legal documents: civil-status, marriage, birth and death certificates, legal texts and notary deeds. We can also translate your will, court judgments and investigation reports. These services are guaranteed and the documents will be recognised by local authorities.

All the documents can be sworn and notarized. Give us your texts to translate, free from stress. They will be taken care of by experienced and sworn translators.

Medical translations


Health industries require specialist knowledge and appropriate terminology for the various medical fields. Medical reports contain technical terms and abbreviations specific to the medical field.

We constantly aim to guarantee you an optimized medical translation, adapted to your needs, whether you’re a private individual or public organization, for your personal needs or for commercial purposes.

Translation of texts from the diplomatic world

Specific language, elaborate phrasing, and messages to decipher - these are some of the challenges we overcome when translating diplomatic texts or internal and public publications. For many years we have been a member of a team of NATO translators responsible for publications such as « NATO REVIEW ».

Manuals/Instruction books/Brochures translation

The translation of manuals and instruction books will be carried out by native translators. We will do everything we can to respond to your technical and commercial needs, as well as those of the cultural environment of the target language into which the texts are to be translated. You can provide us with your projects from a wide variety of fields with confidence. We commit ourselves to providing you with a reliable and professional translation of unparalleled quality as well as a proofreading, editing and typography service.


We meet all deadlines, even urgent and very urgent.

Our translators are not only competent but also multi-skilled,

How to proceed?


New Lights Translations follows a specific and appropriate methodology to carry out the required work and ensure a quality service which listens to its clients:

5 simple stages:

  1. You send us the documentto translate.
  2. We establish a quote and propose a time of completion.
  3. We carry out the translation work and, if necessary, take care of adapting the text depending upon the specificity and technicality of the document to be translated.
  4. We offer a proofreadingand/or a editing of the text, at your request.
  5. Finally, we take care of thecertification and thelegalisation of the translation.


We can handle a tailored service for the legalization of the translations in front of the Belgian public authorities (Tribunal, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or in the appropriate consulates.

As soon as we receive your documents we can handle all the required procedures necessary for the translations’ certification as well as the delivery services of the official documents.

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