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Proofreading & editing of texts

The original is unfaithful to the translation.

Jorge Luis Borges

Whether you’re an individual or a company, New Lights Translations will treat your projects with the utmost care.

The editing of texts and the proofreading of translations are important steps in the process of creating accurate and representative files. Language levels, specific, technical and relevant vocabulary as well as several possible options are all considered by our proof-readers/editors of the translated texts.


Proofreading of translations

The proofreading of source texts and the comparative proofreading of translated texts are performed to assess texts and ensure their quality.  You will receive our linguistic guidance from one or more proof-readers. Also, your texts will be examined in terms of spelling, syntax and typography.

Editing of translations

Native speaker translators’ mission will help you in the process of conveying ideas, values, principles or messages. In fact, transition from one language to another may cause mistakes, errors and inconsistencies. Editing is therefore important in order to gurantee a correct transfer of all your messages and ideas from the source text.

We offer an editing service for translations which involves correcting spelling and grammar mistakes and also the flow of the text. After all, the transition from one language into another can cause errors or inconsistencies.  The comparison of the source text with the target text by New Lights Translations allows you to receive optimum results and a perfectly understandable and consistent text.


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Proofreading & editing of texts in 3 steps

  1. The text
    a. Understanding the subject of the text
    b. Development of the statement and back-up
  2. The sentence
    a. Richness and cohesion of the sentences of the document as a whole
    b. Verification of sentences’ construction
  3. The word
    a. Choice of the right word or the most suitable to the target
    b. Spelling verification
    c. Grammatical Harmony and concordance

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