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Oral translation


If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.

René Magritte

New Lights Translations will meet all your interpreting requests, in any form. We specialise in chuchotage interpreting and consecutive interpreting.

Do not hesitate to entrust us with our chuchotage interpreting or consecutive interpreting services for your business meetings, the arrival of foreign delegates or for any type of interview.

Our strength lies in our personalised, bespoke approach to a variety of content from diverse fields which our clients wish to deal with. The contextual requirements of your field of work will be treated with seriousness and professionalism, as is characteristic of us.


Simultaneous interpreting

Oure translators and interpreters will offer you a range of oral relays, reliable and fast translations of your message, in the target language and in real time. Simultaneous interpreting  is used at conferences, meetings or congresses where the participants use different languages.

Consecutive interpreting

This type of interpretation service for meetings during which participants or speakers pause to allow for a consecutive translation carried out by the professional interpreter.

Chuchotage interpreting

This is used when the number of participants is relatively small.  The interpreter discretely relays the content of the message in the listener’s ear. This can be used in a range of environments such as negotiations, business meetings, official visits, trade shows and exhibitions, at job interviews, in public offices, law firms or at police stations.


Our translators are not just competent but also multi-skilled,

Guaranteed service and results

Our secret? Always being responsive and attentive to your needs

  1. Personalized approach
  2. The power of adjustment
  3. Direct contact with the person in charge, with no middlemen
  4. Years of experience in the field
  5. Full respect of deadlines and confidentiality

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