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If you smile at me I will understand cause that is something everybody, everywhere, does in the same language.

Wooden Ships, Crosby, Stills and Nash

Do you have a project which you wish to promote beyond the linguistic boundaries of your native language? Do you wish to expose yourself to new markets and to present yourself on multilingual platforms? Would you like to create opportunities beyond the geographical limits determined by a language?

New Lights Translations is at your service to adapt your current marketing tools from your native language: packaging, information labels, accompanying documents… We will take care of translating the various communication, marketing and advertising tools as well as your press packs and product information forms.


For all your editorial project in several languages

We will take care of translating the various written documents such as communication, marketing and advertising tools as well as your press packs and product information forms in Hebrew, Spanish, English and French.

Localization : each culture has its own forms of written expression

We are currently developing a new team of specialized translators in localization of all types of documents, texts, products and services within a specific geographical region.

Internationalisation of all commercial exchanges requires nowadays from the “translator-localizer” to be totally involved in a way that will transform your texts into a high-qualified marketing tool. This new translation field contributes in transposing a text from a source-language by using the localization mechanism that is the specific viewpoints of the target language.


You should not be content with just a translation whereas you can craft your documents in several languages!

Specific working methods

New Lights Translations follows specific and adapted working methods to the different submitted projects, in order to grant qualified service, highly sensitive to its clients’ wishes.

  1. Send your writing project, specifying the target language(s)
  2. We’ll immediately send you back our free quote and deadline.
  3. We will realize the written project and, if necessary we’ll take in charge its adaptation process, according to its specifications and its technical level.
  4. Ask, if necessary, our proofreading service, granting you a double check and an excellent final control.
  5. Ask for the legalization service for the translated document.

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