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Discover all our professional translation services

New Lights Translations offers you interpretation and translation professional services of texts in Hebrew, Spanish, English and French.

When you have to choose a translation agency we highly recommend to work with native-speaker translators.

Thus, our professional and legalized translation services not only guarantee a high quality writing and a most faithful reproduction level of your original speech, but also reproduce an adapted result according to the culture and mentality of your audience.


Translation of written texts

New Lights Translations is more than 20 years of professional translations competencies and experience, covering many areas such as legal, medical, technical or the diplomatic environment.

Our sworn translators have been trained to give a coherent answer to all your requirements and any type of text:

We will be responsive to all your questions about your texts to translate into French, to translate into English or to translate into Hebrew in a wide range of specialized areas we cover.


Proofreading and original or translated texts’ revision

Proofreading and revision are important steps in the translation procedure having a faithful and representative outcome. This is why our professional translators attach great importance to:

In any case, you will benefit from the linguistic advices of our experts in terms of spelling, grammar, syntax and cohesion of the translated texts.


Interpretation (oral translation)

Our translation agency can also provide interpretation services by experienced interpreters within the tailored and personalized treatment of a professional translation service. For every area and content, as different and varied, our clients wish us to deal with.

We can answer all your enquiries within projects of translation in conferences, delivery of sworn interpretation services during a diplomatic meeting or sworn translators for a professional meeting. We will handle all your requests with the seriousness and professionalism which characterize our business.


Copywriting and localization (cultural adaptation)

Do you wish to develop a multi-lingual website? An international platform? Translation is also a writing business. We want to apply all our competences of professional writing to your documents and texts.

Benefit from our copywriting services and receive your very high writing quality text and culturally adapted to French, English or Israeli cultures.


For your conferences, seminars, professional meetings or for your technical, medical, official or legal documents: rely on the services of a professional translation agency, with sworn and experienced translator listening to your needs.


Your tailor-made translation service

  • Customized approach
  • Great strength of adaptation
  • Direct contact with the person in charge, no middleman.
  • An exclusive logistic service for the documents.
  • An express translation service when necessary
  • Years of experience in the field

Do you have an urgent translation to realize?

Do not hesitate to submit it to our last minute translation service.

We can provide a team of competent and efficient native-speaker translators who will get down to work immediately after having received your confirmation.

As soon as we receive your documents we can handle the necessary procedures of certification and expedition of the official documents.

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